Friday, October 22, 2021

Foodie Friday

I love to cook yummy, fun and good meals for my Cowboy. 

I hate to clean up  especially since we moved to Galveston Island.  No dishwasher!  

But good food prevails. I hope! 
This is what I served this week...

A Venison Sausage link . . . 
He loves Sausage and they really aren't on his diet.  But thankfully we found these made with Venison
 Served with Alfredo a Caesar Salad and Bread I didn't  like the Bread. 
The Bread was a Take and Bake from Kroger not a keeper. 

On Sunday we had a Rustic Charcuterie Board inspired by Author Melissa Bourbon . . . 

I made the Sauce.  Olive Oil, Chalola Hot Sauce fresh Basil and Pepper.  It was so good! 
For the fruit on the tray I opened canned Peaches and put chopped Basil on top.  There was leftover Coconut Shrimp so I put it on the tray . . . 
The Venison Sausage took the spot for dried meat.  Leftover Chicken Breasts became Lettuce Wraps

Homemade Clam Chowder and an Italian Sandwich from Jimmie John's L/O from the Cowboys lunch

The Cowboy asked for a Pot Pie instead of  the Chicken I planned.  I already had Potatoes baking 

Gumbo from a mix we didn't care for.  The Rice was included.  I prefer White Rice in top. Coconut Shrimp and French Fries

The Charcuterie Tray here you can see the White Cheddar Cheese
I made Tacos.  I had something else planned but we needed fast and easy

The next day we went out to lunch.  The Hot Sauce was too hot.  The Chips we're blah . . .

The Tacos weren't bad.  They were really hot (heat). The Beans and Rice were both really good but not hot (heat). I did add the Hot Sauce to them 
The Cowboys Menudo was nothing to write home about.  
For the price there are much better restaurants. 

And on Thursday the Cowboy didn't eat.  I had already Fried Okra.  It was my dinner that night. 

So friends.  That was our week. 
Can  I ask you guys for prayer for the Cowboy.  I hope he just has a bug.  But I always wonder.  

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