Wednesday, September 15, 2021

The Fabulous Party Our Homemaking Adventures Prompts

 Welcome a new  Fabulous Party will open on Friday.  

A family friendly party.  Share any homemaking no post  links. 

If you wish to include this week's prompts just add them to a post or write a special post. 

This weeks prompts

And show pictures!

I would love to here about yours.  

Every Thursday I will be posting a new list.

 Just in time for you to post and link at the great Friday and weekend link parties. Including right here at . . .

Our Homemaking Adventures

I am sure your like me and can honestly say making a home is quite an adventure!  

Let's go on that Adventure together! 

Look below for a few details and fine print!

The Prompts 

Just answer the prompts and include pictures if you can!

Celebrating Fall  

The Pantry 

A Recipe To Try 

'Ta Da' Moment 

Do You Have A Hobby? 

Something Fun To Share 

Your Garden, Patio or Porch 

A Bible verse to share

(Do you journal or color make illustrations? Share your work)   

Listening To Music

(Share a video, song, lyrics. Or maybe that line or lines you just can't get out of your head) 

Link your posts at the Fabulous Party on Friday. 

This is a weekly party.  Please come back on Friday and link any Homemaking posts. 

I would love to see promos but not a must.  

Just sharing  your blog with us is 


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