Friday, August 27, 2021

Foodie Friday On Domino & Lola's Dinner Plates An Adoptable Dogs

We are celebrating  it is a special week! This is our 2nd Annual

Dog Days of Summer 

I made the girls a special treat

A Turkey Meat Loaf . . .

Lola waited ever so patiently.  She is always right beside me with her toy.  
Domino is usually waiting behind me or in the doorway . . .

I cut a slice off the Meatloaf.  Grated the Apples added Green Beans and two Corn Tortillas.  I stirred everything really good to hide that Parsley! 

And they gobbled it up!   I make a Meatloaf whenever I can find Ground Chicken or Turkey on Markdown. 

I like to cut into slices and freeze so it is ready to add if I am running short on Chicken.  

In the mornings I Scramble or Poach an Egg.  

When the weather gets colder I will begin adding Oatmeal in the mornings to warm the tummies before walks.  

Lola has a habit of stealing Potatoes.   She snuck this one out of the bin.  Now my Potato bin is above the refrigerator. 

Lola is quiet the character.  She has been a challenge in a few ways but I am glad we have her a chance. 

A Dog Available for Adoption

 I chose this sweet dog to share today because her story reminds me of Lola's story. 

Please read Garnets story and share it.  Let's help her find her new Forever Family . . . 

Female Dog aged Young Adult.

Good with dogs

NOT Good with cats

Garnet just wants someone to give her a chance. This poor girl has been on shelter now for 278+ days. Large and medium size dogs are always on shelter the longest but this poor girl is racking up her days. She is very sweet and just wants someone to love her. She gets along best with male dogs that will let her be the dominate one. 

Available at . . .  

SINCE 2015

Helping Second Chance Animals Find Forever Homes


Animal Hope began as in-house rescue of Animal Hospital Southwest .

Dr. Michael Morris and Animal Hope have over forty-five years experience rescuing, rehabilitating, and rehoming at-risk animals.


Our Mission

We strive to serve both the at-risk homeless pet population in North Texas and families looking for new companions. Local city animal shelters contact us about animals in need because they know that Animal Hope will give adoptable animals another chance to find their forever family.

Animal Hope is not just an animal shelter, it's an animal rescue. 

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  1. Your pups are very lucky fur babies. I hope someone adopts Garnet very soon. She looks sweet. If I lived in your area and didn't already have 4 dogs I would go get her. #HomeMattersParty


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