Tuesday, August 31, 2021

Crafting A Junk Journal Page


Welcome to my Crafting Space 

Today I am sharing a page for a Junk Journal.  

This one is for a SWAP the challenge was make a Blue page (front and back).  Include a tuck spot and belly band.

I used this piece of paper on the outside to protect in mailing. 
I find it is easier than wrapping in tissue. 
Your envelope stays flatter and costs less to mail. 

I have had the Blue Carousel Horse paper for awhile.  It was perfect for this project 

Inside is the belly band filled with 
Journaling Cards.  The Belly Band paper is textured. I think it is called flocked. It really like it.  It is a pretty piece paper
A Blue girl and Boy cut from one of my kids preschool books. They are in their 40's now! 
I made a little tablet out of different Blue papers.  There is a piece that I dyed and note papers and a scrap from a journal.  I stapled the pages together and then covered the top edge with Blue Polka Dot Washi. 
A simple folded Journaling card made from scraps 
I put a piece of the flocked paper on the edge of the inside
I copied a page from a book.  
I folded it up to make a tuck spot on one side.  
I filled the tuck spot . . .

This is the other side or back showing the page I copied.  I love the buttons and wanted to keep it to use again. 
Blue note paper in the tuck 
A Blue label 
A folded Journaling Card I made from scraps 
An origami turtle I received in Happy Mail
I made another tablet with lots of paper scraps 

The bottom page is paper I dyed with Blueberries
I love how the Blue Berry paper looks
I glued a small sack to the page. 
I folded up the bottom and glued it to make another tuck spot
Lots of papers and tags fill the tuck 
Note paper
Journaling Cards

And a last shot of the back.  I filled the J. J. page with so much I did not add any extra in the envelope.  I think it will lower the shipping costs. 

I hope my partner enjoys the Blue J.J. Page I made her.  I can't wait to receive mine!  

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