Saturday, July 24, 2021

Happy Homemaker in Texas

 Hello and Welcome to my Saturday feature Happy Homemaker in Texas

This is the day I write my post for Sandra's party.  

Here are Sandra's prompts and a few of my own. 

The weather . . .

It's summer time in Texas.  Here in Galveston it is expected to hit 90.  It is always cool and breezy in the morning and the evening. 

Amazingly the beach was almost to deserted last night. 

On the breakfast plate . . . 

Sausage and Eggs maybe an Omelette we have Mushrooms and we really like Mushrooms and Cheese in an Omelette!  

What I am wearing . . .

Well it is Same'ole.  Same 'ole.  Shorts and a tank.  

But lookie lookie at the new bag I got for a mere 7.00 at Walmart.  

Love it! Look at those Pom Poms! 

I am stylin'

On the To Do List . . . 

Go to library

Take down July quilt lt.  Hang 

Souder Amazing Grace 

Finish reboxing fabric and organizing sitting music room 

Play with plants and dirt 

 My Ta Da moment . . .

I had a self imposed budget to spent 10.00 on potting soil and a few plants.  

I found soil 3.00 a bag.  And top soil .50.

Planning on mixing the two for beds.

I found an over grown Begonia handing basket for 5.00. 

I will seperate into several pots. 

Ta Da  

Goal this week 

Keep up with washing and putting away dishes so I can get my counter cleaned off so I can see it! 

On the menu 


Cajun Sausage (found on sale) 

Hash Brown Casserole  and  Oven Roasted Cabbage


White Chicken Chili and Cornbread


Trying a new Pizza place. Thier sale is on Wednesday 


Fried Cod, French Fries, Cole Slaw 


Spaghetti, Salad and Bread 

Fun on the blogs . . .

The second annual!   Yeah!  Even better than before!  Lots of Dog love! 

Save the date!

August 23 to 27

In the craft room . . .

I am making a dog theme Junk Journal that I will feature here along with D.I.Y.

Also finishing my December Daily to feature here for the end of Christmas in July

Fun to do this week . . . 

I read about a new dog park.  Can't wait to go! 

Visit an Antique shop.

Try a new restaurant.  I am hoping to go here . . .

I have been wanting to go for awhile.  Maybe we will make this week. 

Visit Kempner Park 

From the camera
There is a cow in the middle well sorta on a main street in downtown. 
A convenience store, Tacaria (so) and liquor store.  It is amazingly clean.  Caters to the Cruise Ships. 

Last night we drive by and the Cowboy said ... "Look they are watering be the cow!"


I think I want this as my new theme photo!  

Enjoy your week!  Thanks for stopping in! 


  1. Your menu this week sounds good. Hope you get to do all your fun things, such a pretty blue on the mug from the restaurant you want to visit. Have a great week!

  2. Love the cow! can't wait to see your new junk journal.
    Hope you had a great week


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