Monday, June 7, 2021

Character Guest Post feat The Corpse With The Iron Will by Cathy Ace

June 8 – My Journey Back the Journey Back – CHARACTER GUEST 

Piece by Cait Morgan  (via Cathy Ace)

I love to travel, but I also enjoy being at home. I think most folks are the same, because who doesn’t enjoy the relaxation of a get-away? That said, for my darling husband, Bud, and I, it seems that whenever we travel, we seem to rip over a corpse, and then we get stuck into solving a puzzling case. Yes, I know that sounds a bit odd, but maybe when you know a little more about us, it makes more sense.


Me? I’m a professor of criminal psychology at the University of Vancouver, in British Columbia, Canada. I migrated here just over a decade ago, having been born and raised in Wales…so I’ll always be Welsh, but always becoming Canadian – which I think is what it feels like for most migrants. Bud was also born elsewhere, in Sweden in fact, but his parents moved to Canada when he was just an infant, so he grew up being Canadian, and had to learn about his birth-culture from his mum and dad. His entire career was spent in law enforcement – he was a cop, then a homicide detective, and eventually had a command post overseeing an international gang-busting task force. He retired after his wife was tragically killed, and we married almost two years ago. So there you have it, that’s why we both are driven by the need to search out the truth and ensure justice is delivered – indeed, it’s why we met in the first place…Bud hired me as a sometimes-consultant working with his homicide team, when I could help to whittle down the suspect pool for his detectives by developing a victim profile. But, since his retirement, I have been able to refocus on my academic life.


As I said, we both love to travel, and we’re fortunate to have been able to do so a great deal, but we’ve been at home for a while now, which means we’ve really settled into finishing up a few jobs around the place, and it’s just as well we’ve been here, because our next-door neighbor – who’s in his nineties, and recently diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease – has needed us to look in on him to make sure he’s doing okay. He’s a fascinating chap who loves to read, which means I very much enjoy my daily chats with him.


He’s our only neighbor, because we live half-way up a little mountain in a rural area in the southwestern corner of British Columbia. The remoteness suits both Bud and myself, and we revel in our five acres of heaven, despite the work we need to put into the property. Home really is where the heart is – and we’ve found our niche, here. It’s quiet, and a safe refuge from the world. And – especially since our travels always seem to lead us to a corpse – it’s wonderful to feel secure in your home.

Find out what happens when Cait and Bud’s sense of security is threatened when they find their neighbor dead – almost literally on their doorstep – in The Corpse with the Iron Will.

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