Sunday, January 10, 2010

A Random Post . . . Not Really

It might seemed random but it really isn't. I have decided to add a label to my list. It is Random.
I am a woman of structure. I don't really write schedules but I am a schedule person. You might have noticed that in my posting.
When my children were young and I was a sahm I stayed at home. Cowboy learned quickly once he started to travel not to ask me every other day to take a shirt to the cleaners. I would fuss and fuss. You see I guess in my own way I was frugal as well because I figured that going to the cleaners every other day was silly and a wast of time. So we went once a week unless it was an emergency. I got much more done at home if I wasn't running to the store or the cleaners everyday. Now the quilt shop was a different story. LOL. No I am kidding I would always do my errands all on the same days trying to group things together to save time.

So you see I am really random because this is getting loooong. Bear with me.

The reason that I decided to add Random is because I like structure and order so much. It helps me to be more organized. And so I wanted to let you know how I'll be writing posts this year. Here's my list of meme's (I guess thier called) or themes.

Sunday my own Simple Sunday in the morning if you come by early you should see a short sweet Blessing for your day.
Sunday afternoon a post here about our chapel service. I originally intended to do this on Monday following Peggy's Mission 4 Monday but lately our services have been such a Blessing that I usually can't wait till Monday. (You can go over to the ministry blog for todays post.)
Monday Simple Woman's Daybook here
Mosaic Monday here and over at my other blog My Home Sanctuary
Metamorphis Monday over at my other blog My Home Sanctuary
Tuesday Trade Day Tuesday my new meme please come and join me here
2nd Time Around Tuesday at my other blog My Home Sanctuary
Wednesday Wordfilled Wednesday here
White Wednesday over at my other blog My Home Sanctuary
Thursday Sonya's Thankful Thursday here
Tablescape Thursday over at my other blog My Home Sanctuary
Friday Dream Date Friday beginning here in February
Saturday Then Sings My Soul here

And everyday over at My Home Sanctuary I'll be joining Rachel Anne for Simple Things.

So this is my planned day. Everyday I'll be writing these posts usually in the morning and then maybe a Random post in the afternoon or evening. I do get Wild Hares...oh that reminds me I'll be doing Wild Hare Wednesday too over at My Home Sanctuary or here just depends on the Wild Hare.

I hope you'll join me any day or everyday if you have the time. Hopefully I will be writing something that will interest and Bless you.

And so now I end with a hug and Blessing and I hope that your week is fabulous.

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