Saturday, June 12, 2021

Happy Homemaker In Galveston,Texas

 Hello.  Welcome to HHM. 

A weekly  post that tells about my plans for the week and highlights of last weeks adventures. 

I will be joining  Sandra for her party.  

Here are the prompts Sandra provides . . . 

The weather . . . 

Gorgeous 80's with a breeze that makes it very nice 

I am wearing . . . 

It's beach wear here.  Today an old t-shirt and grubby shorts for hanging around the house.

On the breakfast plate . . . 

I really want to go out for breakfast.  Been wanting Pancakes.  Will probably make due with toast. 

By the time the Cowboy will be ready to venture out it will be lunch!  

On my reading pile . . .

On the boob tube . . . 

My father in law called the t.v. the boob tube. 

I don't watch much but a couple of favorites I have found are Lost Kitchen.  A restaurant in Freedom, Maine.   

The cook book is on my wish list.

And Restoring Galveston.  

Sadly I don't think either of them are filming anymore.  

On the menu . . .  

Monday... Spaghetti (sauce from freezer), Salad and Garlic Toast

Tuesday... It's Tuesday you know what that means!

Wednesday ...Today is pay day and date night.  We have been waiting weeks! 

Thursday ... Whatever we find just off the boat and from produce market 

Friday ... Steak, Baked Potatoes and Asparagus or Creamed Spinach.  I vote Spinach!  

Saturday ... Chicken and Rice Mexican style, Borracho Beans and Guac if I can get some ripe Avocados 

Sunday ... 

The To Do List . . .   Go to the beach.

 Monday and Tuesday I hope to stay home and get more organizing done.

Wednesday grocery shopping.  We will go to Walmart.  Not my favorite place but they have Green Beans for .47 the Chicken was reasonable also.

We had planned to go to Aldi but it is over 30 minutes away. Walmart just makes sense.  

I have a huge list of things we need.

Thursday Fish market and Produce market  

And Tuesday Morning I need a new mini iron skillet and supplies for my crafting. 

Friday rest up from all the shopping!   

Crafting corner . . . 

I am beginning a Junk Journal for a sweet friend this week.  She surprised me with a house warming gift!  

A much needed gift card and some goodies.  

I am thinking of sending her a pocket letter.  These are simple and fast.  A quick thank you while I work on a journal. 

I am back working on my planner daily.  I use it for lists, menu and daily scripture. 
I will be adding a health and fitness tracker.
I realize I need to drink more water. 
And since I walk the dogs several times a day I want to keep track of my Miles! 
 I have several fb groups that have events and prompts and ideas. 
I loved how this Green page turned out . . . 

Using these ideas for my friends J. J. 

Looking around the house . . .

I/we have a tiny place.  I can sit in my recliner and see every room. 

LOL there is no hallway. 

We are still buried in boxes and will be for awhile.  The Cowboy is still in so much pain he basically sleeps most if the day. 

From the camera . . .  A few pics from our strolls

I took this one at the beach.  I love the Wildflowers.  They grow all over town. 

We took a late afternoon stroll on The Strand before dinner on Monday.  Some shops were closed.  
I love all the old buildings
The Cowboy was having a good day. 

Prayer request ... 
I don't often add a request because I want the blog to be encouraging and lift you up. 
Today I have a need.  Our daughter and her husband have are isolating themselves (and the grand kids) from us. 
They have blocked us on fb and on phones. 
Please pray for restoration. 


Thanks for joining me today.  

I will be linking at Sandra's and the regular haunts.  

Links and photo buttons will appear at the bottom of the page. 

Sparkle Anyway 

He's got this


  1. Prayers ascending for restoration♥

  2. So sad when families don't see each other - I will be sending lots of positive vibes. ((hugs))
    Enjoy the beach.

    Have a great week

  3. I LOVE the junk journal idea, may have to try my hand at one.

    I don't miss the weather of southeast Texas, but I do miss Galveston - always one of my favorite places - sitting on the seawall, walking the strand, browsing Colonel Bubbies... good memories

    Keeping your family in my prayers that things get better and return to normal soon.

    Have a GREAT week.


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