Saturday, October 23, 2021

Happy Homemaker in Texas

 Joining Sandra for the  party

The weather 

I was wondering about Hurricane season.  It seems to be pretty much over.  The season is April to November but the peak is May to October.  It is usually upper 70 in the morning and 80's in the afternoon. 

Perfect and beautiful mostly beautiful skies. 

How I am feeling 

Thankful that we live in Galveston. 

On my mind 

Kind of worried about the Cowboy.  He has had a stomach bug a few days. And the allergies still.  We think the bug might be what he ate on Wednesday.  I hope! 

On the breakfast plate 

A bowl of Cottage Cheese

Right now I am 

Trying to get this post done.  I wrote it last night and it disappeared.  I have never had that happen before! 

On my reading pile  

On Today's To Do List  

Cooking 1/2 of  Pot Roast and prepping rest for Stew for freezer  

Cook Rice for dogs

Water plants  


walk Dogs

On my TV  

Yea The Lost Kitchen  aired last night. 

Thank you Magnolia  Network! 

We miss Restoring  Galveston  can't  wait till it goes to Magnolia Network.  We have Discovery  Plus but isn't  offered we would have to pay more for new episodes.  

On the menu this week 


Oven Braised Pot Roast  and fixings.  In the oven for 4 hours I home it is as good as a Chuck Roast!


Doritos Taco Salad 


Rotel Sausage Quiche, Salad and Fruit


Poor Man's  Steak aka Ground Beef,  Asparagus, Mashed Potatoes  and Onion  Gravy 


Spaghetti, Salad and Bread 


Chili Rellenos, Spanish  Rice and Beans


Chicken looking for  a recipe. Maybe with Spinach and Mushrooms 

From the camera 

It's fun Cruising Galveston looking at Fall decorations. 

Looking around the house  

Dogs and Cowboy  napping.  Peaceful and quiet 

New recipe  

I want to make these for the neighbors for Christmas.  The trees are Strawberries!

To relax this week I will 

I will  try not to be anxious  about the Cowboys health. 

His allergies and pain.  He sleeps  most of the day. 

I can't  get  him to drink enough  water.  

Something I want to share 

The link party  is back!  Share you posts!  Click Here

Prayers and Praise 
Our daughter  and Son In Law had Covid.  She is better.  He is not. 
She was able to go to get barn. 
I am sure that was healing for her. 
Riding  with big brother.   Ya'll have seen many  pictures of the 12 year old. We miss him.
Wearing Bubbas shoes

A happy baby.  

Thanks  for visiting 

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  1. The Christmas tree cookies are so cute!

  2. I love the Christmas tree strawberries. Glad your daughter is better, hoping your son in law gets better quickly too and also the cowboy.
    Have a great week

  3. Glad your daughter is better, hope your son in law recovers soon and that it's nothing too serious with the cowboy. I make a chicken and spinach skillet dinner, the recipe is on, and my entire picky family enjoys it (probably easy enough to add mushrooms to it). Hope you have a great week!


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