Sunday, April 7, 2019

A Tribute To MaMa-

Before I begin my post this morning I have some sad news.  It is hard to put into words.  When I looked at my blog and saw this photo I felt like I should tell ya'll my blogging friends about MaMa
I got the little Welcome sign I used in the above photo at her
apartment when we moved her into a nursing facility. 
Over the last year I was able to take a lot of photo's when I visited her almost everyday. 

I shared old memories with her like this one she is holding a photo of my son when he was 10.  
She enjoyed my visits.  I wonder why?

She loved Pink Do Nuts

I tried to keep her active and doing something. 

My son and his family came from Missouri to visit and spend a few days.  
Domino visited.  Domino enjoyed it more than MaMa I think. 

Last night we took Domino for one last visit.  She laid beside 
MaMa on her bed.  

MaMa isn't tired anymore
From Corinthians 15:57. Click for 100+ more bible verses for funerals to use in a eulogy, sympathy card, or to read at a funeral service for a Christian loved one.

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