Monday, September 9, 2013

Happy Blue Monday ---Randomness

Hello welcome to another wonderful Blue Monday. Today I just have some random fav's from my pinterest board . . .
First my blog theme photo.  Did you notice my new header?
It still needs work.  I used pic monkey to make my collage.
It's too big.  I hope it doesn't make you not want to stop by.
Anyone know how to make it smaller? 

Next a cool blue water hose.  On an even cooler hanger. 
Love horse shoes.  I want one of these.  And a 'real' place to put it.  Notice the horse way in the background?
Now this is cool.   can't figure out if it is part of the twinkle lights or not but I love blue glass.  And here's some really cool blue glass . . .
Now remember these photos are from my Pinterest board.  I did not drink all this wine. LOL. What a way to recycle.
These are beauty's. I want to make some.  Are there really blue pumpkins?
Maybe so.     And another beautiful Blue
My Hero Walks on Water
And ending with my little Blue Slippers!
Have a Bluetiful Day
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SmilingSally said...

Yes, Sherry, there ARE blue pumpkins. I painted one last year and blogged about it.

Sorry I can't help you with the header question. I'm super ignorant about these things.

Happy Blue Monday!

Ann said...

The header picture is gorgeous. The blue sky at the beach is stunning. I've seen horse shoes made into lots of projects, like this one a lot.

Jeannie Marie said...

Here in Florida we have bottled water that comes in blue bottles shaped like that. I used to think too that these people were using their own wine bottles!

Hannah said...

I like the blue glass. I would like a bottle tree but don't know where to get all the bottles. I like the Lifeguard poster too!

Denise said...

Nice blues.